Accuratus Left Hander - USB Professional & Programmable Left Handed Full Size Keyboard


Accuratus Left Hander - USB Professional & Programmable Left Handed Full Size Keyboard with Mechanical Key Switches

The new Accuratus Left Handed keyboard has all the benefits of a strong mechanical keyboard with the visual elegance of a professional corporate office peripheral device. The brushed anodized metal frame with full height angled keys provides the most serious and complete left handed keyboard option available in the market place today.

As an additional feature, the Accuratus Left Handed Multi Media keyboard can be easily programmed without any additional software, allowing for shortcuts, learning prompts and Macros. The 2 layers can be programmed and updated as the user requires using the in-built re-writable EEPROM.

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Technical Information

USB plug and play connection with durable braided cable
Black case and keys (other colours made on request)
Manufactured with a sleek modern brushed metal faceplate with bevelled edge
High life cycle mechanical sealed contact key switches offering excellent durability and feel
Full UK Left handed key layout with integrated multimedia functions (other language layouts available on request)
FN key to multiplex some keys and offering a second layer of programming
The keyboard is fully programmable off-line, meaning it is fully programmable without any software required on the computer. Macros can be created, existing key programming can be changed and a new layer of programming can be created. User manual included.
Full height keys, which are contoured and slope up towards the back of the Keyboard offering excellent and tactile touch typing
Clear easy read key legends
Durable fold out feet to allow for keyboard tilt
Status LEDs (Caps, Num & Scroll Lock)
Brown box environment friendly packaging


Length: 448 mm
Width: 146 mm
Height: 37 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year