Anir Mouse Wireless Large


Anir Mouse Wireless Large

The Anir Mouse is a vertical mouse. It is sort of like a joystick. Its shape is easier on your wrist and fingers.

When using a traditional mouse your wrist and hands bend more, and this can cause physical complaints. With this mouse you hold your hand and wrist in a natural position.

Your pinkie supports the base of the mouse, and your thumb operates the buttons. Working behind the computer is more pleasant because you are more comfortable.

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Technical Information

Ergonomic: the Anir Mouse ensures a good wrist position and low muscle tension in your fingers and forearms.
Reduces muscle strain: keeping your arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position.
Smart: special button for document scrolling.


Width: 80 mm
Height 115 mm
Depth 115 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year