Bakker Elkhuizen ErgoTraveller Laptop Bag


Bakker Elkhuizen ErgoTraveller Laptop Bag

When we're on the go, we often use our laptop for short bursts of work, taking a less ergonomic posture that can cause problems. 

The ErgoTraveller is a unique ergonomic laptop case that allows you to quickly and easily work on your laptop right from the case when you're on the go. 

The ErgoTraveller helps you place your laptop screen at a better height. This smart case is also equipped with extra support for the wrists. It is a compact case with a modern and functional design.

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Technical Information

Ergonomic: quickly and easily open your laptop directly from its case, and position your screen at a comfortable height.
Comfortable: keeps your legs cool for comfort when you place the laptop on your lap.


Width: 391 mm
Height 374 mm
Depth 64 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year