Bakker Elkhuizen Home Working Premium Plus Ergo Kit


Bakker Elkhuizen Home Working Premium Plus Ergo Kit

Some organizations have already decided to continue working at home for the rest of the year. Others allow only a small percentage of their employees to return to the office.
We know that working from home also needs a good ergonomic set up to stay healthy and productive. To support you in providing a good solution for your customers to provide their employees with a good home working kit, we introduce the Homeworking Box.


Kit Includes: 

BNEQ260 Laptop Stand 


The Ergo-Q260 raises the laptop screen and shortens the viewing distance, so you will have much less neck strain and work more comfortably. 

This ergonomic stand with integrated document holder increases productivity. The documents are aligned with the screen and keyboard. 

The laptop stand is also very light because it is made out of aluminium, and you can easily take it in your case and work ergonomically anywhere you go.

BNEU960SCUK Keyboard

The UltraBoard 960 is a compact keyboard with a numerical keypad. 

The main difference compared to a standard keyboard is the optimal layout, which makes the UltraBoard 960's design eight centimeters narrower than a “normal” keyboard! 

That makes this the ideal keyboard for employees who are used to having a numerical keypad on their keyboard and those with a permanent workstation who want to create more space on their desk. 

Using a compact keyboard reduces the distance to your mouse, which in turn limits the strain on your lower arms. As an added advantage, this compact version is easier to take with you in a backpack or laptop case. 

The keys of this compact keyboard feature a light background and dark letters, which offers the ergonomic benefits of improved contrast and reduced reflection. Furthermore, the UltraBoard 960 features two USB ports. 


We use our mouse a lot throughout the day. It is therefore essential to use a high-quality ergonomic model.

This wireless Evoluent 4 is a vertical mouse. You hold the mouse in a handshake position. 

Your wrist and lower arm will not have to bend and rotate as much. When using the wrong mouse, you may experience pain or discomfort in your shoulders, lower arms or hands. 

A vertical mouse can prevent these issues. This model has a short acclimatisation period. 

Plus free mouse pad!


3-5 Days


1 Year

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