Bakker Elkhuizen Home Working Professional Plus Ergo Kit


Bakker Elkhuizen Home Working Professional Plus Ergo Kit

Some organizations have already decided to continue working at home for the rest of the year. Others allow only a small percentage of their employees to return to the office.
We know that working from home also needs a good ergonomic set up to stay healthy and productive. To support you in providing a good solution for your customers to provide their employees with a good home working kit, we introduce the Homeworking Box.


Kit Includes: 

BNEFT270 Laptop Stand 


You are on the road with your laptop, compact keyboard and mouse. And yet you still have to bend your neck and head to see the screen. 

The compact and lightweight FlexTop 270 laptop stand changes that. This stand ensures that your laptop screen is at the right height. 

Your laptop easily fits onto this laptop stand. You can choose to attach the FlexTop 270 to your laptop or rest the laptop on two brackets. The stand is made out of premium material (Hylite aluminium). It is only 6 mm-thin when folded (310 mm deep and 325 mm wide), compact enough to fit any laptop case. And it only weighs 320 gr. It has 7 adjustable heights. 

It is easy to operate. You can set the screen height and viewing distance with an adjustable tongue. 

The FlexTop 270 laptop stand is also available in a 12-inch version – in short, an indispensable product to work ergonomically.

BNEU950WUK Keyboard

The UltraBoard 950 Wireless is the newest compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen. 

Because it is wireless, has rechargeable batteries and works with both Windows and macOS, this keyboard will meet all your needs. 

The biggest difference with a standard keyboard is that there is no numeric keypad, which makes the keyboard smaller. 

With a compact keyboard the reaching distance to the mouse is smaller, reducing the load on your forearms. Another advantage is that a more compact variant is easier to transport in a laptop case, so you do not have to depend on your laptop keyboard.

BNEPRF10 Mouse

The PRF Mouse Wireless is an ergonomic vertical mouse. The angle of the mouse ensures the correct arm and wrist position. 

The shape of the mouse ensures the palm of the hand makes contact with the mouse correctly. This mouse is held in a handshake position. 

Using a traditional mouse can cause pain and discomfort in the shoulders, lower arms and hands. A vertical mouse mostly prevents these problems. 

A mouse can cause injuries to the wrists, arms and shoulders. It is therefore important to choose the right mouse. The PRF Mouse has 4 conveniently placed buttons, a scroll wheel and a wide DPI range.

Plus free mouse pad!


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