Bakker Elkhuizen Penclic Mouse


Bakker Elkhuizen Penclic Mouse

The Penclic Mouse is a wireless pen-grip mouse with a laser sensor. This neutral grip lowers muscle tension in the forearm and wrist. 

The Penclic is a precision mouse. You hold these mice in a sort of pen grip. It is a posture that we learn at a young age, so it is easy to get used to.

This is the ideal mouse if you work with graphics. Thanks to its accuracy and grip it is easy to draw with it. Are you looking for a different kind of mouse? We have plenty of other types of ergonomic mice.

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Technical Information

Ergonomic: pengrip enables a relaxed and natural working position.
Precise: just as precise as with a pen.
Handy: 5 buttons and scroll wheel.


Width: 60 mm
Height 140 mm
Depth 45 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year