Bakker Elkhuizen Q-doc 100 Circular


Bakker Elkhuizen Q-doc 100 Circular

We worry about the vast quantities of plastic that end up in our oceans and seas. That is why we developed our own line of circular products. 

In addition to being made from 60% recycled material, they are also 100% circular. 

The Q-Doc 100 document holder is available as an acrylate and a sustainable circular model. All characteristics of the Q-Doc 100 are preserved. The only difference is that the product consists of compressed material made from recycled plastic bottles instead of acrylate. 

You place the Q-doc 100 document holder between your monitor and your keyboard. This prevents unnecessary head and neck movements. Your keyboard, document holder and monitor are positioned in a single line, which reduces the strain on your body. 

The low rear is ideal for lower screen positions. 

Positioning your documents to the left or right of your computer leads to additional strain on your neck. Working with a document holder prevents physical discomfort. 

Furthermore, your documents are positioned at an optimal viewing angle. A good ergonomic workstation improves your comfort and productivity.

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Technical Information 

Design: Dutch design & Made in Holland. A high-quality appearance.
Ergonomic: this stand enables you to obtain the correct working height easily.
Recycled material: the Q-Doc 100 is produced using recycled material made from plastic bottles.
100% Circular: from cradle to cradle.
Material: despite the material being felt, it is extremely strong and durable.


Height: 95 mm
Depth: 290 mm
Width: 455 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year

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