Bakker Elkhuizen Q-doc 100 Special


Bakker Elkhuizen Q-doc 100

You place the Q-doc 100 Special document holder between your screen and keyboard. That prevents unnatural head and neck movement.

There is less strain on your body because you work in a single line with the keyboard, document holder and screen.

When your documents are placed left or right of the computer, it puts extra pressure on your neck. You can easily add notes, because this document holder has no raised border. A good ergonomic workstation increases comfort and productivity by as much as 10%.

With its low rear height, this document holder is ideal for lower display positions. Furthermore, the viewing angle for documents has been optimised.

This document holder is made of clear acrylic and is strong enough to hold heavy files. You can stow a full-sized keyboard under the document holder.

Because this document holder has a foam border instead of a raised edge, taking notes is easier and more comfortable.

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Technical Information 

Ergonomic: reduces neck and eye strain and prevents neck pain and headaches.
Efficient: short viewing distances between document, screen and keyboard.
Suitable for: books of all thicknesses and heavy files.


Height: 100 mm
Depth: 285 mm
Width: 505 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year