Bakker Elkhuizen Q-riser 90 Circular


Bakker Elkhuizen Q-riser 90 Circular

With the Q-Riser 90 circular monitor stand, we are introducing a sustainable version of our own acrylate product. 

All characteristics of the acrylate version of the Q-Riser 90 are preserved. 

The only difference is that the product consists of compressed material made from recycled plastic bottles instead of clear acrylate. By reusing plastic bottles, we are doing our part to reduce the amount of plastic waste on land and in our oceans. 

This sustainable laptop stand is suitable for all laptops up to 17 inch. This monitor stand lets you position your monitor at a comfortable height. This helps prevent excessive strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. 

Furthermore, this monitor stand lets you store your compact keyboard underneath the stand itself. This is an easy way to create more space on your desk. 

The Q-Riser 90 has a handy design that includes a cable guide for your monitor's cables. This lets you neatly hide your cables from view.

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Technical Information 

Ergonomic: this stand enables you to obtain the correct working height easily.
100% circular: from cradle to cradle
Recycled material: the Q-Riser 90 is produced using recycled material made from plastic bottles.
Cable management: cable guide for your monitor's cables.


Height: 90 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Width: 300 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year