BlueRay HandShoe Mouse Large Left Handed Cordless


BlueRay HandShoe Mouse Large Left Handed Cordless

BlueRay HandShoe Mouse. However excellent the functionality of the mouse – we all use it with great ease – most of the time it is too small for the hand while its shape forces hand and fingers in an unnatural gripping position. It lacks comfort. Therefore a group of mechanical engineers re- designed the mouse, and invented the HandShoeMouse.

The special shape of the HandShoe Mouse allows your hand and wrist to float without any effort. Its full hand and finger support prevents skin contact with the desktop, unlike most computer mouse types where you press down on the desktop and work from the wrist or rub over the desktop while sliding. Both of these actions are a source of complaints.

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Technical Information

Poll rate (Herz) of the electronics is 113~118Hz and up to 120Hz.
BlueRay Track and light click will work on almost every surface
Large: 190 – 210 mm wired or cordless
Wireless range of the receiver is 10 m
Receiver / dongle of the standard BRT version is fitted with a LED light which goes on and off when operating the mouse.
Receiver / dongle of the BRT Light Click (LC) version is smaller and doesn’t have a light.
The wireless HandShoeMouse uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which should only be removed by professional service providers.
Operating time for the wireless version is 4-6 weeks.
Charging of the wireless version takes around 3 hours.
When the battery is completely empty, charging may take 6 hours.
Battery life is normally more than 4 years, depending on intensity of use.
After 4 years of use, the battery, may need to be charged more frequently.
Charging takes place by means of the provided USB cable; The PC or laptop needs to be switched on during charging.
One can continue working while charging the battery but the receiver / dongle must be in place for the communication with your computer.


Large: 190 - 210 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year

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