Contour Rollermouse Red


Contour Rollermouse Red

Our flagship product and a truly CAD friendly mouse, delivering superior cursor control in a comfortable way for any desktop environment.

After extensive research and continued collaboration with top ergonomists and health and safety professionals, the unique state of the art RollerMouse Red has been created. RollerMouse Red is a sharp and highly intutive modern mouse solution for all types of office users, organisations and environments.

Like other RollerMouse models, it is placed in front of the user to eliminate awkward gripping, reaching or straining associated with a traditional mouse. Avoiding these movements increases efficiency and productivity.

A textured and thicker roller bar coupled with 7 sensors greatly increases cursor precision and reduces muscle effort. In fact RollerMouse Red reduces muscle effort in the forearms by up to 20%, as it lets you perform tasks with fewer muscles and a neutral hand posistion.

RollerMouse Red works well in compact spaces, and for users with average to small hands. RollerMouse Red also provides more palm support and a smooth, soft and comfortable transition between your RollerMouse and desktop, distributing pressure over a wider area. RollerMouse Red is ideal for use with mountable keyboard trays.

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Technical Information

For MAX OS, Windows
Plug and play USB Connection
Twin-eye Laser
6 Programmable buttons


2-3 Days


2 Year