Dataflex Viewgo computer holder - floor 20



Dataflex Viewgo computer holder - floor 202

Don't let your PC be a vacuum cleaner. Far less dust will accumulate inside your computer if you raise it just a bit, having a preventive effect on potential heat-related computer problems. The computer holder can adjust its width with a scissor mechanism and inclines a computer up to 30° for easy access.

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Technical Information 

Mobile computer cart with 4 castors (2 lockable)
Maximum computer width: 90-206 mm (3,5 – 8,1“)
Computer can be inclined from 0° up to 30° in 2 steps of 15°
Easily width adjustable through scissor mechanism


Width: 90-206 mm
Depth: - mm
Height: - mm


2-3 Days


5 Years