Dataflex Viewlite toolbar - desk 70


Dataflex Viewlite toolbar - desk 702

Because the toolbar is front-mounted, you can adjust the distance between its poles. This lets you install it anywhere on a desk, using either a desk clamp mount or bolt-through desk mount. Cables are easily hidden in the toolbar's cable duct to create a tidy, professional impression.

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Technical Information 

Toolbar assembly with a rail length of 1200 mm (47,2”)
Comes with a desk clamp mount and bolt-through desk mount
Cables run neatly inside the toolbar’s cable duct
Product part (rail) is climate neutral
Suitable for a desktop thickness of 5 up to 40 mm (0,2 - 1,6) (clamp) or 50 mm (2,0) (bolt through)
Pole height 450 mm (17,7”)
Pole diameter 40 mm (1,6)
Suitable for max. 3 accessories of 8 kg (17,6 lb) each


Width: 1200 mm
Depth: 91 mm
Height: 555 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years