Evoluent Mouse C Wireless


A mouse can cause problems in the wrists, arms and shoulders, which is why choosing a good mouse is important. With a vertical mouse you prevent physical discomfort, as the mouse is held in a handshake position. There is less lateral wrist-bending and forearm rotation. When using a traditional mouse your arms, wrists and hands rotate less naturally, which can lead to pain and discomfort. This can be prevented. A vertical mouse like the Evoluent C Wireless relieves the wrists and forearms, because you hold the mouse in what looks like a handshake position (handshake motion). Your wrists will bend more naturally. The mouse is easy to get used to, and also wireless.

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Technical Information

Ergonomic: reduces the angle between wrist and hand for a more ergonomically responsible position.
Esthetic: modern design with a luxurious look.
Improved: less convex shape fits the palm better.


Height: 79 mm
Depth: 107 mm
Width: 94 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year