Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar


Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar

Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar. The Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar is an ergonomical solution for symmetry between 2 screens. This monitor arm combines a smart and compact design. Using the Beam, you can quickly and easily set two screens to the same height and depth. This monitor arm allows you to set up 2 screens at the right height easily, enabling you to optimise any workstation. The Flex Dual Crossbar therefore meets all your needs. In addition, the Filex Galaxy monitor arm is 100% recyclable and is produced from sustainable materials.

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Technical Information 

Convenient: use the handle to set the screens to the right position quickly.
Spring-loaded arm: with a load capacity of 2 to 10 kilos, this monitor arm is suitable for the most modern screens.
Sustainable: made from sustainable materials, 98% recyclable.


Depth Range: 41-675 mm
Height Range: 270-538 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years