Filex Galaxy Modular Dual



Filex Galaxy Modular Dual

Filex Galaxy Modular Dual. The Filex Galaxy Modular Dual is suitable for twee screens which can be adjusted separately. A perfect screen setup is possible because of the individual arms. The viewing angle can be adjusted per screen. Using a monitor arm is much more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% compared to a wrong position. Do you want to adapt your workplace in the (near) future to a workplace with one screen or to a workplace with more than two screens? This monitor arm simply adapts. In addition, the Filex Galaxy Modular Dual is 100% recyclable and is produced from sustainable materials.

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Technical Information 

Modular: your desired configuration can be realized.
Rotation: the Files Galaxy Monitor arm can turn 180 degrees on any of the joints.
Cable management: built-in smart cable management.


Depth Range: 58-536 mm
Height Range: 246-551 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years