Filex Galaxy Modular Flex Single


Filex Galaxy Modular Flex Single

Filex Galaxy Modular Flex Single. The Filex Galaxy Modular Flex Single is a modular monitor arm for 1 screen. Flexible in depth and height and adjustable because of the gas spring and 3 pivot points. Rotating and tilting the screens is no longer a problem. When the workplace needs to be adjusted in the future, you can do that very easily with this monitor arm. It is possible with the Filex Galaxy Modular Bottle Single to expand to multiple screens, to extend the pole or to add an electrification unit, laptop holder or CPU holder, for example.

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Technical Information 

Easy to adjust: with a static straight part and a dynamic gas spring for the optimal height and depth.
Modular: your workplace is easy to adapt and / or expand in the future.
Design: ensures a tidy and professional appearance at every workplace.


Depth Range: 58-610 mm
Height Range: 145-458 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years