Filex Galaxy Modular Single



Filex Galaxy Modular Single

Filex Galaxy Modular Single. You can adjust your screen to every desired angle with the Filex Galaxy Modular Single. Position the screen to the desired height and adjust the viewing angle in a flexible way. The monitor can fully tilt horizontally and turn from portrait to landscape. Do you want to change your workplace in the (near) future? Then this monitor arm simply adapts to the new location. You can easily expand this with separate accessories. In addition, the Premium Office Single Modular is 100% recyclable and is produced from sustainable materials. Due to its modular nature, this revolutionary monitor arm is quickly making its way onto the international scene.

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Technical Information 

Modular: your desired configuration can be realized.
Rotation: the Premium Monitor arm can turn 180 degrees on any of the joints.
Cable management: built-in smart cable management.


Depth Range: 58-536 mm
Height Range: 246-551 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years