Grip Mouse Wireless


A good mouse is important considering how often we hold and use a mouse. One option is the Grip Mouse Wireless. The ergonomic vertical Grip Mouse supports the forearm in a neutral posture. The handshake position puts your hand in a natural grip. Not every mouse will work well for you. It is therefore important to define what you need (do you have complaints? If yes, which?) and which mouse can meet your needs. A vertical mouse is easy to get used to and reduces many physical complaints. This mouse is only suitable for right-handed users who have small hands.

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Technical Information

9 Ergonomic: eliminates arm twisting by keeping the forearm in a neutral position.
Buttons: 2 buttons and seperate scroll wheel (third button).
Optical: optical sensor for precise movements.


Height: 68 mm
Depth: 130 mm
Width: 74 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year