The PUK Wrist Support is designed to reduce the risk of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome resulting from long hours using a mouse.

The wrist support rests between your palm and wrist, ensuring the wrist is well supported and that the computer mouse is controlled by the whole arm, rather than just your wrist.

Did you know that the most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and other Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) is the overuse of the mouse and/or keyboard?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that many of us experience tingling, numbness and aches in our wrists and lower arms when we consider that many of us spend 8-10 hours, 5 days per week using a mouse. Many people moving from working at an ergonomically designed office workstation to working from home are experiencing aches and pains, including in wrists.

The good news is that by choosing ergonomic solutions and correct positioning of your mouse these problems can be prevented, indeed users of the PUK wrist rest report that the pain they used to experience in their wrists and thumbs is reduced.  

The designers of the excellent PUK ergonomic wrist rest have thought of everything! The PUK is smooth and comfortable and slides around whilst you use your computer mouse, supporting your wrist and elevating it to a more appropriate height, helping to reduce up and down bending of the wrists and it avoids putting pressure on the wrists.

As well as using the PUK wrist support, you can support your wrist health by taking regular micro-breaks of a minute or so to stretch and adjust your posture.

You should  ensure that your computer screen is level with your eyes and that your mouse and keyboard are set at a height to allow your shoulders to be relaxed with the wrist lower than the elbow.  Your mouse should be just to the side of the keyboard so that the elbow does not have to leave the side of the body to reach for it.

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December 20, 2020 — Tim Scott
Tags: wrists