Accuratus 5010 - PS/2 Mini Keyboard with Trackball


Accuratus 5010 - PS/2 Mini All in One Keyboard with Trackball.

Accuratus 5010 - PS/2 Mini All in One Keyboard with Trackball. The Accuratus 5010 is a mini sized keyboard with an inbuilt high resolution optical trackball. Left and right mouse buttons are located on the top left corner for ease of use. With its trackball and mini key layout it is an ideal keyboard for use in environments where space is an issue, for example retail and POS environments. The 5010 uses ultra reliable key membrane technology and durable high resolution key legends, these have a UV coating for an enhanced lifespan and ensuring the characters remain fresh throughout the products life.

Technical Information

PS/2 interface (PS/2 version has 2 x PS/2 plugs, one for mouse and one for keyboard part.)
Black case and keycaps with white key legends
Mini Keyboard size and layout
UK key layout
High resolution UV coated key legends for long durability and long lifespan of letters
Integrated high resolution optical trackball
Integrated left and right mouse buttons
Compact and slim design
Tactile feedback keys with membrane key mechanism>br>Fold out feet to provide keypad tilt


Length: 338 mm
Width: 173 mm
Height: 35 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year