Accuratus 540 - USB Professional Mini Keyboard with Touchpad



Accuratus 540 - USB Professional Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

Accuratus 540 - USB Professional Mini Keyboard with Touchpad. The Accuratus 540 has a small footprint and an integrated touch pad for those applications where space is limited, such as in retail, server rack draws or at home. A big winner with major retail stores, this beautifully constructed keyboard offers all the facilities of a standard keyboard, but with some of the ‘fat’ removed. The 540 is gently curved and has fold out feet to allow for hours of comfortable typing. Though smaller than a standard keyboard, the 540 is still very tough using reliable membrane technology.

Technical Information

USB connection - Plug and Play no drivers required
black key legends
Mini keyboard size
Mini keyboard key layout
UK key layout
FN key to multiplex some keys for number pad like on some laptops
Keycaps are shaped to fit the contour of fingers when typing
Extra long life membrane key technology
Integrated high resolution touchpad at the front of keyboard just like on a laptop
Left and right mouse buttons at front of keyboard
Contoured design to allow for comfortable typing
Built-in wrist rest for ease of use
Compact and slim, space saving design
Fold out feet to provide keyboard tilt
Green Num, Caps and Scroll Lock status LED's
Protective shaped transparent cover also available on request to protect the keyboard in dusty, dirty and wet envrionments.


Length: 289 mm
Width: 227 mm
Height: 27 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year