Accuratus AccuMed Glass - Easy Clean Tempered Glass, Wired & Wireless Clinical / Medical Touchpad Keyboard - Black



Accuratus AccuMed Glass - Easy Clean Tempered Glass, Wired & Wireless Clinical / Medical Touchpad Keyboard - Black

Accuratus AccuMed Glass - Easy Clean Tempered Glass, Wired & Wireless Clinical / Medical Touchpad Keyboard - Black. The AccuMed Glass keyboard is a revolutionary new design from Accuratus with 3 inbuilt connection options – Bluetooth® , RF or USB – simply select the button of your choice and toggle between your devices. The USB cable included even recharges the keyboard – saving downtime and any inconvenience. This tempered flat glass keyboard also has a selectable tactile and audio feedback controller, allowing the user to achieve their most comfortable typing experience along with a gesture controller in the number pad for full mouse control.

Technical Information

All in one multi device connection USB wired / Wireless RF 2.4GHz and Bluetooth® , you can switch between them with the click of a button.
Plug and Play, using standard Windows / Mac USB drivers
Wireless RF 2.4GHz via supplied USB receiver, offering upto 15M wireless freedom
USB wired connection using the supplied cable, the supplied USB cable also charges the internal battery
Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity to connect to devices with Bluetooth capability, e.g. Microsoft Windows , Apple Mac OSX , Android and Linux . Not designed to be used with iOS iPhone or iPad
Smooth tempered glass surface which is very easy and fast to clean
Fully sealed IP67 rated design, the keyboard can be fully submersed if required, very easy to clean and sterilize
Large integrated touchpad (119 mm x 102 mm) , which also doubles up as a numeric keypad / arrow keys keyboard sectionThe integrated touchpad supports multi finger gestures, one, two and three finger control ( instructions are included )
Cleaning lock button, press this button and the keyboard is locked so there is no need to unplug it while it is being cleaned which can take just a matter of seconds.
Applications include hospitals, doctors surgeries, dental clinics, nurse carts, laboratories, food processing, clean rooms and also home, office and school / university use.
UK English Windows layout, and also UK English Apple Mac layout all in the one keyboard. Keys which are different in Apple layout have the apple commands on the right hand side of the key. Other language layouts are available on request meeting MOQ requirements.
Easy to read 18 mm x 18mm keys which are a good size for typing
Keyboard layout is actually printed under the tempered glass top surface which means the key legends can never wear off, offering exceptional durabilty and product life.
Adjustable sound and vibration feedback, when typing, the keyboard can offer feedback for a tactile typing experience.
Contoured and durable white ABS plastic base, ergonomically shaped to fit in your hands or on your lap.
Flat keys with no moving parts, ensuring there are no areas for dirt and germs to collect whilst offering excellent product lifespan.
Internal rechargeable lithium battery, for when the keyboard is used as a wireless device, the keyboard also indicates the battery status via the LED colour on the wake button.
Power on/off button on the rear of the keyboard so that the keyboard can be easily turned off, with additional sleep mode sleep mode to save battery power.
High quality retail packaging to keep the keyboard safe when in transit.
User manual, USB wired / charging cable and RF 2.4GHz wireless receiver included


Length: 436 mm
Width: 160 mm
Height: 20 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year