Accuratus Bluetooth® 3.0 Wireless & Wired Programmable 1 Button Foot Pedal


Accuratus Bluetooth® 3.0 Wireless & Wired Programmable 1 Button Foot Pedal

The Accuratus BTX1P foot pedal is designed to assist where a keyboard or mouse alone is unfeasible, with a wireless Bluetooth® 3.0 connection the BTX1P can be connected wirelessly to various Bluetooth® enabled devices such as Pcs, Phones and Tablets, including Mac, IOS and Android. The BTX1P comes with an additional USB cable for programming the pedal output and offering full flexibility so that it can also be used as a wired pedal too. Some of the many applications include computer operation for users with physical impairments, factory testing, controlling instruments, streamlining office work, playing games, controlling audio, speech therapy and so on. 

The pedal is the equivalent to a standard USB keyboard and mouse, however is fully customizable by using our software to define the foot press as a specific key, key combination or mouse action - no other software is required. The pedal is fully programmable via our software and the programming is stored within the unit via a re-writable EEPROM, meaning once it is programmed it can be connected to other devices without the need of additional software or programming. The Accuratus BTX1P switch pedal provides ease of use for anyone requiring speed and accuracy whilst maintaining accessibility.

Technical Information

Wired & Wireless Bluetooth® 3.0 connection with up to 10M wireless range (receiver not included)
Designed for use on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, also compatible with other Bluetooth® devices. Please note programming of the pedal is only done via a Windows computer
Included USB cable for a wired Plug and Play connection and for button programming (Software can be downloaded free from our website)
When used as a wireless pedal, it operates using 2 x AAA batteries (not Included)
2 x AA batteries insert in a hidden compartment at the front of the keypad
Black plastic durable housing with rubber feet on the rear to keep the unit in place whilst in use.
Large grey pedal with grooves to aid with grip when controlling with your feet, actual grey pedal measures approximately 100 x 105mm
Strong and robust design with large metal spring under the pedal, offering great product lifespan 
Fully programmable, you can pre-program with key strokes, key combinations, key strings, mouse clicks, Multimedia functions and Game operations
Once the pedal is programmed the programming is stored in the device, which means you can connect it to another device without the need to program it again.
Ideal for many purposes including helping those with disabilities, factory testing, controlling instruments ,streamlining office work, excel functions and formulas, playing games etc.
Tactile button operation with a nice click action.
Integrated LED indicator lights for pairing
Low stroke 1.9 ~ 2.0mm operation, you can operate the pedal with very little force.


Length: 141 mm
Width: 131 mm
Height: 35 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year