Accuratus K82F - USB Ruggedised Mini IP55 Keyboard with Touchpad



Accuratus K82F - USB Ruggedised Mini IP55 Keyboard with Touchpad

Accuratus K82F - USB Ruggedised Mini IP55 Keyboard with Touchpad. The K82F is touchpad keyboard based on our K82B model but with a special sealed rubber keypad designed specifically for use in harsher environments. The K82F’s keys although are slimline and rubber are still perfect and tactile for touch typing, and can withstand most things you throw at it! It's made of a high quality rugged material which offers the perfect combination of practicality, durability, comfort and flexibility. The unique material allows you not only to clean the keyboard with soap and water, but with common hospital disinfectants. With the keys being so slimline, there are virtually no areas (unlike standard keyboards) for bacteria to hide and grow under. The K82F is not just perfect for medical situations, it could be used in car garages, warehouses, in vehicle computer systems, workshops, factories, laboratories, food environments, boats, the list goes on.

Technical Information

USB interface
Black or white case and sealed rubber keys with white or black key legends
UK key layout, other languages are available on request
Mini keyboard key layout, with FN key to multiplex some keys like on a laptop
Meets IP55 sealed rating from above
Sealed rubber keyboard with sleek slimline, modern styling - 'chunky' rubber keys
Excellent tactile feel for touch typing
Same dimensions and size as our Accuratus K82B and K82D and the Cherry G84-4400 keyboard
Integrated high resolution touchpad with left and right mouse button
Optional red LED backlighting on key legends
Withstands most common hospital disinfectant solutions
Faster and more convenient than submersion cleaning
No traditional plastic keys for bacteria to hide and grow under
Faster drying time than keyboards with traditional plastic keys
Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll lock LED's
Brown box environment friendly packaging


Length: 370 mm
Width: 139 mm
Height: 20 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year