Accuratus Monster Keyboard, White Keys, Black Upper Case Letters


Monster Keyboard, White Keys, Black Upper Case Letters

For young children the Monster 2 is the perfect entry into computing, with large oversized keys grouped in White making learning easy and fun. Then theres the High Visibility & High Contrast models designed for users with vision impairment. With high visibility large black legends on a high contrast white background. The perfect combinations for those with certain sight deficiencies. 

Maybe you just want a keyboard With big keys because they look cool, whatever the reason, these tough keyboards are precise and a joy to use.

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Technical Information

USB connection
Black case with modern gloss piano black beveled edge
Large 1 inch square keys (24mm)
Two port USB 2.0 Hub in the rear
Same outer size as a conventional keyboard
Detachable wrist pad for comfortable typing
Mixed, High Visibility or High Contrast keys (only 1 style per carton)
Easy to learn text written on the keys (tab, capitals, shift, spacebar, enter 
and backspace), so that you can easily find these keys if you are unfamiliar with a keyboard
Large F1 to F12 function keys, including separate Escape key
Designed with spill holes in the base of the keyboard so that any minor 
spillages can escape without damaging the keyboard membrane
Lowercase legends or large bold legends on high vis/contrast models
Durable fold down feet providing keyboard tilt
Tactile feedback responsive keys
Correct UK key layout based on a conventional keyboard for easy transition
Capitals (Caps lock) green status LED
Full retail packaging


Length: 482 mm
Width: 180 mm
Height: 40 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year

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