Accuratus Rainbow 2 USB Keyboard



Accuratus Rainbow 2 USB Keyboard.

Accuratus Rainbow 2 USB Keyboard. The Rainbow 2 High Contrast and High Visibility keyboards are designed specifically for those with visual impairments, large black legends against a pure white background or large black legends against a bright yellow background make the characters easy to read and the keyboard simple to use. Then there's the Mixed Colour model designed for children making their entry into computing, standard sized keys with both upper and lower case legends grouped in different colours make learning easy and fun.

Technical Information

USB connection
Black case
Full 105-key keyboard
Mixed, High Visibility or High Contrast keys
Upper and lower case legends or large bold legends on high vis/contrast models
Easy to learn text written on the keys (tab, caps lock, shift, space bar, enter and backspace)
Durable fold down feet providing keyboard tilt
Tactile feedback responsive keys
Correct UK key layout
Status LEDs (caps, num and scroll lock


Length: 430 mm
Width: 140 mm
Height: 30 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year

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