Waterproof Biometric padlock


Waterproof Biometric padlock

Digital IP65 Waterproof Biometric Fingerprint Smart Padlock. This biometric smart padlock provides keyless locking and unlocking using your fingerprint. It can store 10 fingerprints for multiple users and has a battery life of 6000 unlocks (around 1 year) until it requires recharging. Constructed from Zinc alloy and a stainless steel shaft this padlock is built to last.

Technical Information

IP65, waterproof and dustproof
Battery life aproximately 6000 unlocks (1 year)
Fully rechargeable
Low battery alert
Working temperature -25'C to 75'C
Capable of storing 10 fingerprints
Padlock material Zinc Alloy, shaft : stainless steel



2-3 Days


1 Year