At Workspace Ergonomics we specialise in supplying high quality, ergonomically designed office products for office and home environments.

We have a clear vision to provide their customers with the best products, at the very best prices and with the best customer service experience possible.

Set up your workspace with our office essentials -

Sit Stand Desks

Our range of Sit Stand desks are easy to adjust at the push of a button. Also sometimes called standing desks or height adjustable desks, they are show to reduce muscular and joint aches, increase productivity, concentration and alertness and improve circulation.


Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to support posture in a way that reduces muscular and joint pains associated with prolonged sitting. Choose from our ergonomic stools, mid back and high backed chairs all ergonomically designed to support back, neck and shoulder health.


Monitor Arms

Monitor arms free up desk space and can reduce aches and pains by enabling you to position your computer screen so that it's always at the correct height and angle for you with the top of the screen level with your eyes.


Mice and Keyboards

Hand and wrist comfort is the foundation of a happy, healthy workspace. Avoid aches and pains by picking up your own ergonomic mouse and keyboard now.

November 09, 2021 — Tim Scott