Accuratus Left Handed Upright Mouse 2 - USB Left Handed Vertical Mouse to Help Prevent RSI

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Accuratus Left Handed Upright Mouse 2 - USB Left Handed Vertical Mouse to Help Prevent RSI

The Accuratus left Handed Upright Mouse 2 is designed so that your arm is straight and wrist is in a natural position, allowing very comfortable use when working on a computer, a great help for users with arm, wrist and shoulder problems. As more and more of us find ourselves glued to a desk for 8 hours or more each day, it's not surprising that an increasing number of us are showing symptoms of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and aggravating hand and wrist pain such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, two disorders that can be severely aggravated by a poorly laid out work station and the type of mouse used.

The Accuratus Upright Mouse can make dramatic improvements and ease painful or problematic symptoms in your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. The mouse fits comfortably in your palm in an upright position and keeps the bones in your arm straight, eliminating the uncomfortable twisted position caused by standard mice. All the usual buttons are there, including a left/ right click, and a scroll wheel for easy navigation of the internet and all your documents.

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Technical Information

USB ‘plug and play’ connection
Silver with soft black tactile rubberised surround
Left Handed orientation
Special contoured upright design so that your hand is in a natural position
Sleek modern design with gloss silver buttons
Helps with prevention of RSI and Carpel Tunnel syndrome
High resolution 1600dpi optical sensor
Smooth easy glide PTFE ‘Teflon’ feet
Highly reliable button contact technology
3 Responsive tactile feed-back buttons including scroll wheel
Fully retail packaged


Length: 120 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 68 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year







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