Accuratus Toughball 2 - Wireless 2.4GHz Multimedia Mini Keyboard with Trackball


Accuratus Toughball 2 - Wireless 2.4GHz Multimedia Mini Keyboard with Trackball

Accuratus Toughball 2 - Wireless 2.4GHz Multimedia Mini Keyboard with Trackball. Toughball 2, beautiful close up, even better from a distance... From its special coating to its pin sharp optical trackball, the Toughball 2 is a product of beauty. Hook the Toughball up to a PC with an LED projector and be staggered at it’s wireless range. Use it with your media center and realise it works from all corners of the room or simply use it as a solid workhorse in the office. Either way the Toughball 2 will not disappoint. Comfortable on and off the desk... Sooner or later you will want to sit back at your desk - only then will you appreciate the sculptured underside and newly designed contoured thumb areas. It’s subtle curves will lock the keyboard on your lap making it far easier to work with than most flat keyboards. The Toughball 2 has a high resolution trackball giving a very precise, extremely durable and reliable mouse movement.

Technical Information

Precise optical trackball using a plastic ball for improved accuracy and response
Improved design allowing shaping for your thumbs so the keyboard is much more comfortable to hold and use
More responsive and tactile keys allowing for improved typing
Slightly smaller in size so that it is easier to handle and transport
Smaller wireless dongle, which should prevent some breakages of the dongle (a common occurence we found)
2 extra Multimedia buttons, Refresh and Favourites
Operates on only 2 x AA batteries (previously 4 x AA batteries)
Windows 10 keys
Wireless 2.4Ghz (via USB) ‘plug and play’ connection
Up to 15 metres of wireless range
Compact sized USB receiver with protective USB cover for transportation
Soft black case with 2 tone grey and dark grey keycaps, white/blue key legends
Shaped case and contoured thumb areas to ergonomically fit on your lap and in your hands
Mini keyboard UK key layout including Windows 10 keys, 2017 onwards version has left Alt key.
FN key to multiplex some keys for number pad, etc
14 Multimedia keys for internet, e-mail, my computer, volume, media playback and page navigation
High quality reliable membrane key technology
Keys have a soft and tactile feel, allowing for comfortable and natural typing
Integrated high resolution 800dpi optical plastic trackball for accuracy and excellent response
Left and right mouse buttons, extra easy access left button on the right front side of the keyboard
Built-in easy access mouse scroll wheel/middle button on the front left side of the keyboard
Low battery indicator
Automatic power saving sleep mode
Runs on just 2 x AA batteries - Included
Over 500,000 random and unique wireless ID's to avoid interference


Length: 344 mm
Width: 162 mm
Height: 48 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year