Are you fed up feeling fatigued at work and thinking ‘how can I get rid of fatigue naturally?’ With the Covid-19 pandemic, the miserable weather and sitting at a desk all day, it’s no wonder many of us are feeling exhausted and sluggish all the time.

With few options of heading to the gym or seeing friends at the moment, here’s some guidance on how to help reduce fatigue and tiredness whilst sticking to the current national restrictions.


Get some fresh air

There is nothing quite like a good bit of fresh air to beat fatigue and get you feeling energised. Wrap up warm and go for a walk somewhere that's scenic that will take your mind off of feeling tired. The fresh air will instantly wake you up and if the sun’s out you can get your daily dose of vitamin D too!



Depending on exactly how fatigued you are feeling will determine what kind of exercise you might want to do, but getting the blood pumping and working up a sweat will certainly get you feeling better in yourself and get your endorphins going. Whether it's a home workout, going for a run or doing some relaxing yoga, it will get you feeling energised. Also bear in mind that if you’re eating unhealthy and fatty foods that this will also make you more fatigued and lead to becoming overweight which as a result will make you more tired!


Get some sleep

It may sound simple but some good quality sleep really is one of the most important contributions to avoiding fatigue. If you’re struggling to get a good night's sleep then it might be worth trying some meditation before bed or even just simply listening to relaxing music. Avoid screen time before bed - So working late or staring at your phone screen is a no no when it comes to not stimulating your brain before bedtime.


Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

Although a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine may be pretty inviting when you’re feeling exhausted and unmotivated (especially in a national lockdown), they’re the worst drinks to reach for. After caffeine comes the crash and after alcohol comes the hangover. Both of these types of drinks have a knock on effect which will affect your sleep and how you feel when you wake up the next day. The more water you drink the more energised you feel and if you really crave a hot drink at your desk, try herbal tea.


Invest in an anti-fatigue mat or balance board

If you’ve got a sit stand desk and you’re finding yourself getting a little tired standing but don’t want to sit then an anti-fatigue mat could be the answer. The thin commercial carpets in most offices may look attractive, but do nothing much to cushion the hard floor beneath it, so we have created a group of products such as anti-fatigue desk mats which you can find specifically designed for sit-stand desks on hard office floors that aid health and productivity.
January 26, 2021 — Tim Scott