Desktop Power

Power supply is an oft-overlooked aspect of home offices. Getting it right can save a lot of stress and keep everything tidy and professional looking, which is more important now that we are on so many video calls.

There are several options available

Desktop power modules – a cost effective solution for keeping multiple devices powered-up and charged. Our modules include USB connection points and we have options with data connection points. These modules attach to your desk with a clamp or adhesive pads.

In-Desk power units – these are a flush and stylish solution. These also have USB connections  makes use of the frequently vacant cable ports within desks.

Under-desk power modules - are an excellent value option. Similar to desktop modules, these units have multiple sockets but they fit onto the underside of the desk, or can be placed in cable trays underneath the desk - leaving your desk clutter-free.

Did you know that in order to keep your electrical equipment at optimum performance you shouldn’t let the battery drop below 30%? This is a challenge if you are using a laptop, screen, phone and tablet all day, not to mention the printer and other equipment you might need to be constantly connected! Integrating our desk power supply options can make sure all your office equipment remains charged, your desk is uncluttered and you present a professional image to your clients.

January 18, 2021 — Tim Scott