Desktop Power Modules

Desktop power modules are convenient charging points that sit on your desk. They're one of the quickest ways to make your home-working life easier and one of the most often overlooked home office accessories.

Whether working at the kitchen table or in a beautiful bespoke home office you will want all your equipment charged up and easily accessible at all times, not all over the room at various charging points, precariously places on the floor or on window sills.

More and more of us are using multiple devices at the same time – hosting a zoom call on a phone while working through a co-produced report on the laptop; and nobody wants to miss a client call because of a dead phone.

Easy access to charging points is even more important now, with household competition for those charging points becoming intense with home schooling and university home-study.

The other advantage of desktop power modules is not having to scramble around for floor level sockets.

Desktop power modules are handy units that give you fuss-free access to a power supply for multiple devices, our modules also have 2 USB charging points.

Desktop power modules are easy to set-up, just like an extension cable, the master socket plugs into a wall socket and the power module fits onto your desk with adhesive pads or a G Clamp.

January 12, 2021 — Tim Scott