Colebrook Bosson Saunders Flo X Triple Monitor Arm



Colebrook Bosson Saunders Flo X Triple Monitor Arm 

Capable of holding larger and heavier screens, as well as dual and triple monitors. Its dynamic functionality and considered ergonomics mean you can quickly and easily establish the optimal working position, enhancing productivity and wellbeing. Finished in range of colour options, Flo X is sure to fit right into your workspace.

Flo X’s dynamic adjustment allows you to move even the heaviest of screens to the optimal position with absolute ease. And that’s not just convenient, it ensures your head is in a neutral, balanced position, reducing musculoskeletal stress and decreasing the likelihood of injury. Correct posture also improves breathing and oxygen intake, reducing fatigue and boosting concentration levels.

Using the next generation of our D-ring tilt mechanism, you get all the existing benefits of fingertip adjustability and easy-to-balance tilt, but now able to accommodate even bigger screens and curved formats. Tilting your screen allows you to eliminate glare and reflections to minimise visual fatigue and digital eye strain.

Our unique dual spring technology has the power to accommodate a range of large screen sizes and weights up to 18kg. But with future-proof flexibility built in, Flo X is also perfectly suited to lighter screens (down to 3kg), catering to the current trend of large monitor screens becoming lighter. Hence giving you the flexibility to choose the best screen to suit your workspace and your needs.

No matter the size of your screen, Flo X’s dynamic, fingertip adjustment means you can perfectly position, tilt and also flip your screen from landscape to portrait and back effortlessly. That’s not just convenient, it helps you avoid the stresses and strains of awkward postures caused by poor positioning and repetitive scrolling.

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Technical Information

1x Flo X Multi Mount Arm
1x Flo X Dual Mount Bar
1x Flo X Triple Mount Kit
1x Flo X Multi Mount Handle
Available with Split Clamp (9-45mm)
Monitors not included
Supports monitors up to 18KG
Supports monitors up to 27"
Available in Black or White


Vertical reach: 328 mm
Horizontal reach: 789 mm


5 days


12 Years 


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