Colebrook Bosson Saunders Wishbone Four Monitor Arm


Colebrook Bosson Saunders Wishbone Four Monitor Arm

Wishbone can be installed at different heights along the Wishbone posts to suit various environments and users. Constructed from die-cast aluminium and glass-reinforced acetyl plastic, Wishbone is a world leading single and multi-monitor stand. Lightweight, fully adjustable and easy to install, Wishbone can support up to 12kg and allows monitors to be positioned in either landscape or portrait format. And with added cable management, Wishbone remains one of the best selling monitor arms in the World. Pre-configured Wishbone configuration able to support up to four monitors.

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Technical Information

3x Wishbone 400 mm Wishbone Post
3x Universal Desk Clamp
2x Wishbone Standard Arm
1x Wishbone Dual Arm
2x Fine Height Adjuster
Monitors not included


Reach: 415 mm
Post height: 400 mm
Weight: 12KG per monitor

Fits desk thickness from 20-38 mm


5 days


5 Years 

(1x)WSH/020/001 (3x)WSH/PST400 (2x)WSH/001/PQR (3x)UNI/LCLM38 (2x)UNI/FHA/001

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