Dataflex Viewmate computer holder - desk 36


Dataflex Viewmate computer holder - desk 362

This computer holder is suitable for almost all thin clients and ultra-small form factor computers, due to its slidable, height and width adjustable system. Its rail system makes it possible to mount the holder both vertically and horizontally.

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Technical Information 

Supports both horizontal and vertical mounting of a thin client or USFF computer
To be mounted directly onto the desktop, onto a crossbar/traverse or onto the wall
Quick placing of the thin client by sliding and locking the holder into the rail system
Holds almost every thin client between 160 - 300 mm (6,3 - 11,8) wide and 35 - 55 mm (1,4 - 2,2) high
Max. weight capacity of 10 kg (22 lb)
Made of steel
Set screws to lock the holder in the rail system


Width: 370 mm
Depth: 155 mm
Height: 45 mm


2-3 Days


5 Years