Lavoro Advance Cable Management Tray

By Lavoro


Lavoro Advance Cable Management Tray

Lavoro offer a range of cable management trays and cable baskets for use on all desk models. These can be either mounted directly on the frames of our Advance and Duo models, or top fixed to all other ranges.

Technical Information 

Can be fitted to any desk
Available in four colours
Comes with brackets


Length: 980 - 1715 mm
Width: 130 mm
Depth: 90 mm


3-5 Days
Free Shipping


5 Years 

Customer Reviews

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Neil Walsh
Works well but somewhat overpriced

The tray does what is intended however it is a surprisingly clunky affair for dropping down and managing the cables. It’s ok if this is a one off but if you intend to add and remove items regularly (such as a laptop power brick) then you might want to consider other options. Opening the tray involves unclipping some plastic clips from either end of the tray at the same time. The tray then drops open to allow you to add and remove items. The tray is substantial and coupled with the weight of any power strips and supplies in the tray at the time means the drop is sudden and loud. The desk it attaches to is very slick. This tray is not. On the plus side, it’s large and hides all the cables away neatly. If you only need to set this up once, then you’ll be happy. A mixed bag in that regard.