Score Basic 950 Footrest


Score Basic 950 Footrest

With the ergonomic footrest Basic 950 you manually set a comfortable and healthy work posture, keeping your legs from hanging. 

The footrest helps adopt a good sitting posture during computer work. 

The Basic 950 footrest can resolve issues of insufficient height adjustment of the desk or office chair. With a good footrest the legs do not hang and circulation isn't cut off, which contributes to a better work posture. 

The Basic 950 also has an anti-slip profile so your feet do not slide off the footrest, and anti-slip caps so that the footrest itself doesn't move around.

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Technical Information

Ergonomic: height adjustable (30-195 mm) and adjustable angle provides stable support for the feet.
Comfortable: contoured foot platform to minimise slip.
Setting up with: hand.


Height: 50 mm
Depth: 320 mm
Width: 420 mm


2-3 Days


1 Year