5 Considerations for Setting Up Home Office

5 Considerations for Setting Up Home Office

Setting up a home office – top tips

Most of us are now working from home and have been since March last year – almost a year! Have you got it figured out or are you feeling aches and pains and struggling to switch off?

Here are our top tips for setting up a home office

1: Make sure the internet signal is strong enough and if not buy a booster
You don’t want your working day to be longer than it needs to be because you are waiting for uploads and downloads.

2: Invest in a proper ergonomically designed office chair and think about the height you need it to be. Aches and pains are distracting and can lead to permanent (and expensive!) musculoskeletal issues.
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3: Ensure that your computer screen is at eye level. Many of us are working on tablets and laptops and so looking down at a screen all day, this is no good for neck and back health. Look at our monitor arms and screen raisers.

4: Get the lighting right, to reduce eye strain and fatigue. In any spot where you’ll be performing tasks like reading, writing, or computer work, you’ll want a good quality task lamp. Task lighting provides you with a bright, focused light that allows you to easily see the details of what you are doing without fatiguing your eyes. 

5: Consider a sit-stand desk – especially with restrictions on out outdoor activity it’s important for the health of our backs, necks and hips that we limit the time spent seated at our desks. Consider a standing desk or a desk that can be quickly adapted from seated to sitting with the push of a button.